About Me

I am pretty much a full Chinese [half jp, but know very little] that was born and raised in Beijing, China now lives in Texas, USA. I graduated from college and decided to work for myself and now I am self employed and managing my work and my cosplay addiction.

Name: Yanagi
Cosplay Name: Hushy Plushy
Birthday: January 16th [Capricorn]
Nationality: Chinese, Japanese [Asian-American]
Hobbies: Video game, Anime, Manga, and Photo re-touching
Interests: Cosplay, Taobao, and Food

About My Cosplay:
I'm just another small time coser that loves to have fun and enjoy my cosplay addictions. I do my own make up, style my own wigs, craft my own weapons and armors, and sometimes I sew my own costume [I also buy costumes].

Cosplay since: March 2014
Cosplay style: Detailed, Ancient, & Bishie
First cosplay: Sesshomaru
Favorite cosplay: Mikaela Hyakuya, Squall Leonhart
First convention: Anime Matsuri
Cosplay accomplishments: Convent guest, event cosplay judge, interviewed and featured [Thank you always!], photographer, re-touching photos, when ppl call you by your character's name at conventions 0v0!
Cosplay'ed character list: All the character that I have cos'ed in order [Click Here]

About This Site:
Since June 2014, I have been using facebook as my main social network. But, later on I realized there are a few limitations using facebook. So, I decided to create my own little space. If any other social network went down you will find me here.

Facebook page:
Date created: June, 2014

Date created: November, 2015