Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kuroh: Social is a Skill

Yesterday was a mix of awesomeness and confusing moments.
One stranger said to my friend " Are you ABC? American born confused" I was not OK with that!
Another encounter,
???: "Hi, what's your name?"
Me: "Hushy Plushy, nice to meet you."
???: "No, I mean what's your real name?"
Me: "Hushy Plushy"
???: "Are you a professional cosplayer?"
Me: "..... maybe, is it relevant?"
???: "Well I won't be calling you that, I will just call you Cosplayer number 34 or something."
Me: "haha"
I saw so many cool ppl that I haven't seen in years. Thank you for coming up to say hi to me.
Series, K project Character, Kuroh Yatogami Photo by, Angela Shim Cosplay by Hushy Plushy Cosplay
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