Monday, March 27, 2017

Sephiroth: Communicate with your photographer

Original post: Take me as a photographer & editor, I shot you and now i'm fixing your photo. What exactly do you want? [based on you can not edit the photos once i give it to you]
  1. 1. Leave it alone: "it's fine as it is, I just want the picture and I know I won't be able to change anything after"
  2. 2. Minor changes: "small fix like skin, hair and maybe take out some weird stuff in the background."
  3. 3. Make me beautiful: "fix me! Make me look better but please make sure ppl can still tell it's me."
  4. 4. Everything: "Can i get a new background? Also I want flames in my hand, give me a tail and tone my body"
Also all of the choices are acceptable, there is no wrong answer. I'm just very curious to see if ppl thinks.
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