Tuesday, March 28, 2017

China/WangYao: No heart

I had a dream that I had to replace my heart but they lied to me they didn't put a new one in.
During the surgery they told me i can't be put to sleep because they need to make sure all my nerves are working correctly by responding to questions, so i was awake the whole surgery.
You ever wake up during the night and then when you fall back asleep it's the same dream? my nightmare continued...
So I was alive without a heart and they sew a zipper in front of my chest. The doctor said it's a easy access to my heart if i had any problems. Ironically i didn't have one.
Series hetalia Character China Cosplay Hushy Plushy
PS. I think this dream is telling me; I fear one day something will control my life and destroy me.
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