Monday, February 20, 2017

Yuichiro: Ebay & Refund

Asking for a refund on ebay is the hardest thing you can imagine. I have been dealing with a Chinese seller for about two month now trying to get my money back for something I didn't receive.
Honestly I can just give up it's no big deal. But, the more they make this hard for me the harder i want to fight back. This isn't about the money anymore it's about if i am capable of getting my money from their pocket back to my pocket.
Damn, it turned in to a challenge, and I have the short end of the stick. [I heard from a friend that ebay favs sellers by default]. Careful using ebay!
Series, Owari no Seraph Character, Yuichiro Hyakuya Cosplay, Hushy Plushy
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