Monday, December 5, 2016

Takumi: My third sword in a month

I'm getting really tired of making sword props.
Series, Maid Sama  Left: Misaki by Barechatta  Right: Takumi by Hushy Plushy   Photo by Btsphoto
What does my next few cosplay have in comment? Swords, capes, at least two layers of clothes each [i guess this is good for winter] and they all wear gloves.

So I made two swords in four days a few weeks ago, the third sword
[which is the one that I'm doing now] I was suppose to purchase online. But I made the mistake of buying it from Taobao and Agents would not send it over. Good job on reading the rules before buying *face palm*.
So, I decided I have no choice but to make it again and, the most annoying part is cutting out patterns, most of the patterns are the same shape so it feels really repetitive.
As you can see in the picture my cutting is really bad XD! But, it's not too big of a deal there will be a lot of sanding. As of now the sword is done but I haven't make the sheath for it yet. This particular sword is extra fancy on the sheath I hope it will come out alright.
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