Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yato: I actually started my projects!

I'm going to start making weapons for my next project. For the last few projects I didn't have to worry about weapons or event armor, but now I am going to marathon two swords.
Series, Noragami   Character, Yato   Cosplayer, Hushy Plushy
I also about to learn how to make a long wig in to a pony tail wig. I should buy a pony tail wig, but I rather buy a basic wig and figure it out myself.
When I was about to buy a judal wig, I realized I need my Hakuryuu to be done 1st. And, that means I'm about to learn how to make my 1st spear ;D
Two swords + a Spear :S
All this excitement can I just stop the procrastination please?
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