Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bishounen20: Oh, of course there is food.

I'm over doing shit. I took the time to learn how to do a collage in Photoshop and end up putting all 20 of my cosplay in to one picture. I am surprised that I cosplay 20 character in two and half years. I'm going a bit fast in my opinion. The slower i go the longer i can last..oh wait LOL!
Definitely not going to do this again. Next time I will probably pick out ten to put together. Meanwhile I had some sushi after my last event.

Baby octopus are the two on top. They were delicious would reorder them every time i go.
A friend's crab cake. Didn't taste any, but it sure look good.
That moment when other ppl's food look good too and you just had to take a picture.
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