Sunday, October 16, 2016

Squall: Glitching Albums

I'm so done right now, just like my expression in this picture =3=!
Just took me 20 mins to finally see my albums [on facebook]. This time all my albums are there, but I went in to the Squall Leonhart album and there were around 5 pictures missing, then i looked in to my posts to see maybe i forgot to put the pictures in the album. So I found one and tried to move it in to that album did not work.... and shit went down from there.
Series, Final Fantasy Character, Squall Leonhart Cosplay, Hushy Plushy
After 20mins of refreshing and moving some pictures around I finally can see my album correctly! The frustration was real. But, I hope your day started off great and TGIF have a fun weekend!
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