Monday, October 17, 2016

Revelation Online <天谕>

Some of us that plays games plenty would heard of this game called Revelation Online. It is a MMORPG game made in China. As half Chinese, I don't really play any Chinese MMOs simply because i keep trying them but some how most of them are not very polished. For example;
  • The graphics look out of date
  • The environment & characters doesn't look well blended.
  • The combat animation isn't very smooth
  • Classes seem to have all the same feel. Play 1 class = played all classes.
And, Now we can talk about Revelation Online. After playing the game for a good three days I found out that it also have some of the same problems as I listed above.

One of my Character: Sword Mage, with festival rabbit and bear ;D
Long story short,While the game look beautiful and high quality, I sometimes feel like my character doesn't blend with the environment very well. For example, swimming in water feels like I'm floating in air because there are no splashes and the water is extremely clear. The combat is very nice and fancy just like all other Chinese games but all that flashy moves will get you 5% dmg off your enemy's x10 HP bar. You know how long this fight is going to be!
Of course there are good things about this game as well. I really like the character creation of this game. [I was amazed on the iris choices for your eyes]. In Aion you have a time limit when you fly, but in this game there is no time limit. Even though the game still look not too polished but over all the environment / backgrounds are truly beautiful. But of course the most important thing about this game is, it's action mmorpg!!
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