Saturday, October 8, 2016

Food: It's the season to be snacking

I normally don't snack, not because I don't like to snack I just like to control my snacking to the minimum. If I get really hungry I would eat a banana, drink sweet tea or just eat candy. But not this time. This is why i should never go in to Asian stores o3o I buy snacks! They all look very delicious. Here is what I got and they are already gone =3=
It taste normally nothing special, would not buy this snack again.
A mix of sweet things but somethings tasted like nothing. Would leave this one alone next time TvT
Pretty normal, It's just Marshmallows with Strawberry jelly inside. I would not buy this again though.
I highly recommend this cracker! It look so typical but taste really good.
Also highly recommend this as well. It taste a bit like the one above but better.
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