Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sasuke: Looking back in time

Since 2014 I have been cosplaying, photographing and photo editing. It's always exciting to know that you have grown along the way. During two years period my taste in photos have changed, my editing also changed. 

There are many times when i look back to the photos that are two years ago and wonder what was i thinking XD! So a few weeks ago I decided to take out a old photo by Hung, Ngo Photography and re-do the whole photo. And, here is the comparison of edit 2014 vs edit 2016. [TIP: Don't forget, always ask your photographer for permission before editing.]
Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay by Hushy Plushy, Photo by Ngo Photography, Edited by Hushy Plushy 2104 vs 2016
I can't really explain my edit in 2014 because I have no idea what I was going for, but in 2016 the edits I'm doing concentrates on making details pop. And, less black and white, but more gray. 

TBH, I am very picky about my own edit. I hardly ever feel like I did a good job, there are plenty of times that I feel like I need to start over just after a few hours of finishing a photo. So, over all I still consider myself experienced [just because i grind so many years >3<] but still need a lot of work.
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