Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kaito: Air Mattress Trouble

I sleep on air mattress, it helps my body to cool down and it's a little more firmer than a firm mattress. But, today i woke up on a almost flat air mattress =3=!
So I end up having to drag it out my room down the stairs, find a bucket fill with soap water, inflate the mattress to full, wet the mattress with soap water and observe the whole bed.
After i did the front and back, and all the edges and sides, I finally found a tiny spot where there are small bubbles coming out slowly. I just toweled off my air mattress and now waiting for the whole thing to dry [plastic is easy to dry, but covered with some type of fabric].
Last step is to glue and seal that tinny spot and hopefully that is the only spot that need to be fixed.
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Oh wait, I need to mob my soap water covered floor now! If another hole shows up, I'm buying a new one DX!
Hushy Plushy
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