Monday, August 8, 2016

Chikage: Things I keep forgeting to do

A lot of times when I am about to go to a cosplay related event or shoot, I always end up forgetting to bring something. So here is a list so I can help myself remember, and hopefully it's helpful to you too.
Chikage Kazama from Hakuoki, Photo by btsephoto Cosplay by hushyplushy
  • Apply sunblock cream.
    I have freckles, the more i go under the sun the more darker they will get. I don't tan, i burn, so I really need to watch out.
  • Apply bug repeal spray.
    I was out yesterday shooting near a lot of trees, there were more than just mosquitoes, also ants, spiders and other bugs x3x! Always spray bug repeal on just in case! Of course i forgot so i got two bites on my arm =3=
  •  Bring paper towels / tissues.
    In a 97 degrees summer afternoon, in layers of costumes, make up and wig, you will be sweaty! Especially when I don't have any eyebrows the sweat just drip straight in to my eyes. I have to bring something to pat it off o3o.
Other than that the typical stuff that is always in my backpack, such as; cell phone, water bottle with water, my cosplay emergency kit, make up, cosplay cards, and my camera.
Hushy Plushy
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