Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tsukito: Motivited

I finally got off my butt and altered some cosplay of my. I also made a wig that I can't wear, wearable.
The wig came in perfect size and it is two colored wig. Brown on top, blonde on the bottom. The problem was it's not a ombre, doesn't have the fade effect. It's just straight up two colors sew together very ugly [didn't look like that in the picture when i bought it ==].
I took the time to find some of my old wigs that i will never wear again, took apart the fibers and sew it on to the new wig to make it ombre looking. It is now a full thick ombre wig that I don't feel ugly wearing ;D!
Series: Kamigami no Asobi Character: Tsukito Totsuka Photo by BTsephoto Cosplay by Hushy Plushy
Now that i have some small experience sewing two wigs together, it will help me make Judal's wig much easier. 
Hushy Plushy
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