Friday, July 15, 2016

Kouen: Indecisive

There are a lot of small changes i been thinking lately, for this fan page, but I'm not totally sure if i should.
Series: Magi, 魔笛 Character: Kouen Ren, 練紅炎 Cosplayer: Hushy Plushy

I'v been having Sesshomaru as my profile picture [on facebook] for very long now, sometimes I want to replace it but since many of you guys like Sessho I'm not sure if i should change it.

Another thing is I feel like Hushy Plushy Cosplayer is such a long name, I was thinking just change it in to Hushy Plushy. But, then if it's a link no one knows what that page is about unless hover over the link.

Indecisive small things that doesn't matter, in the end, you just give up thinking about it and do nothing. orz!
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