Friday, July 1, 2016

Everything is about competition

I had enough.
Motherland China here, so a lot of times I like to hear Chinese ppl talk or so, it feels closer to me. So lately i have been watching streams at a Chinese stream site.

After a week of watching I noticed it is all about competition. Every day there is a voting event, one channel vs another channel set up by the site. And, because of that all you see is Chinese streamers begging for votes and ass kissing the viewers that gives them loads of votes, so they can win the VS. TM的有意思吗?? Ok i understand 1 or 2 hours you can mention it to have ppl vote for you but the channel that does it 10 to 30mins of begging, every 5mins PLZ! 你是牛吗?哦不对,应该是马, 马屁拍得真响!还要不要节操啦? And so, the Chinese stream site lasted a week.
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