Friday, June 24, 2016

Tomoe: One day when we look back...

I couldn't sleep at all last night.
I'll skip the details but, I found a really good Chinese Seiyuu last night, I was so excited to dig up all of their sound clips, but to found out they stopped voice acting four years ago. </3
Series: kamisama hajimemashita Character: Tomoe [alt ver.] Cosplayer: Hushy Plushy
 I can't really explain the feeling, let's just compare it to.. you just found your favorite song and found out its by MJ or prince and... that's that. It ended at where it started. You end up liking something that it's not there. It's gone, what you like will never have any new updates. ;A;

PS - I feel like making a video of all the memories of me and my cosplay friends for the moments when we retire from cosplay we can look back and remember even though we stressed, frustrated, complained and dramatized things about cosplay, but we had fun and it will be a good memory to keep. Why did Angel Beats came to mind TAT.
Hushy Plushy
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