Sunday, June 5, 2016

Squall: It's about the attitude not the rejection.

Last night I didn't get much sleep. Some how I couldn't sleep until eight this morning, then napped in and out for four hours, got up at noon time because I had to go back to the store for some more PVC pipes.

The whole thing started yesterday, where I need pipes so I went in to the store and ask them to cut my pipes down to the sizes i need. After I got home I realized that it's better to have two sections joined with a connector in the middle instead of a one long pipe. On top of that I think I would like to have a copy of what i already got for back up.

That is why I had to go in to the store again for more pipes today,  and I also brought back the long pipe i got yesterday for a cut in the middle. I was pretty ready, got my measurements down, know exactly what I need and where I need them to be cut. I was going to go in and out and get it done with in 30mins. So i can start working on some cosplay before I need to get some more naps in.

In the store, I went straight to ask for help on cutting the pipe. They found me this guy, let's name him DWWT for "Don't wanna work today". Let me just quote it about how the conversation went.

DWWT, "Hi, what can i help you with? Did you bring these pipes from home?"
Me, "Hi, hm, I bought these here yesterday in this store, but I need to cut them in the middle somewhere so i brought them back in."
DWWT, shook he's head and said, "No, we don't do that. Well, When you buy a pipe we cut it down the middle and that's pretty much all we can do. Or else you can cut it yourself"
Me, "..... No, that's not what happened yesterday. The elder man, who worked here was kind enough to measure it and cut it to size."
DWWT, "Well some of new employees, don't know the rules but the rules here is we can cut it in half for you that's it."
Me, "You mean straight in the middle? Well can't you give me the PVC cutter and I will measure it and cut it myself? It's just a snip or two."
DWWT said sure and walked over to the shelf and handed me a bright new PVC cutter that's in sealed plastic packaging.
Me, "What the hell? Oh you mean I have to go buy it and take it home and cut it myself. Ok i got it. Sir, what is your name?"
DWWT, "It's DWWT".

After that, I turned around and looked for another person and asked to do a complain. The girl was kind and very polite to call over their manager to speak with me. Then, I explained to the manger about how rude i thought DWWT was and how unprofessional he handled my situation.
  • If you don't feel like doing the cutting find someone else to help me. I really don't give a crap who's going to cut it. I just want things done. If i have to give me the cutter and I will do this myself.
  • If the rule is real and it is very strict ['Cause he wasn't going to do the cutting no matter what.] then maybe you need to teach your new employees not to measure it so kindly and cutting if for customers, they will get the wrong idea that it is OK!
  • I have never heard of cutting PVC pipes in half so two pieces are equal. I thought it was always cutting it to what customers needed.
So, the manager was nice enough to try rounding the whole thing, by saying they do cutting but after three cuts for each pipe they will start charging. Then, DWWT had to open his mouth and disagree with the manager and said "No, we don't charge customer on PVC pipes." By this time I felt so sorry for the Manager. Look what you are doing here, you are helping DWWT out by trying to round the situation while he opens his mouth, correcting you and disagreeing with you. * I face palmed so hard*!

But, thanks to what this idiot is doing I am less upset and more smiles on my face and wanted to just get this done with. So i asked the manager, since I took the time and went through the trouble to bring back the pipes i got yesterday might as well just let me borrow your pipe cutter that's in the store so i can cut it in the store! And the manager reply was "Oh no, don't worry we will cut it however you need it. DWWT would you mind ..."

Wait wait wait, What? NO! I wasn't going to let this DWWT to cut my pipes he might screw it up for me, simply because he doesn't want to do it!

Then, before I even said anything DWWT was like "Oh, so you want ME! to cut it? ME!?" LOL! At this time the manager had nothing to say, "Well, I hm... well."

I hurry up and said, "It's ok can I have someone else to help me with this? Please."

In the end the manager called for another nice young man to assist me. And, after a good hour I was out of there! I'm not sure if i'm a kind person, but i don't like to complain and point fingers at anyone. But, I wish as a store assistant or employee, they would spend a bit more time on TRYING to give ppl solutions instead of trying to avoid doing something by/or laying down the rules so facking hard. If there isn't a solution take that extra time to explain it and try to suggest ideas that would help. Of course there will be unhappy customers, if nothing works always polity transfer them to someone else that can help or a manager. Oh and instead of shaking head while you are listening to someone try look in their eyes and nod gives off the idea that you are listening not denying them. I don't even know why I'm giving tips like i work there! =3= Maybe DWWT was really tired today.

Ok after this long ass rant here is the photos from my once a life time experiencing Peruvian Food as  Squall [Hushy Plushy] & Rinoa [Nadyasonika] shoot with Ngo photography.
Yes, I play with shooting and photography anywhere and even on my cellphone XD
Iphone 6+ Bokeh is not too bad ;>
Ah, too bad I don't remember the name of this dish. It had rice, beef and french fries on it.
Left to right: Hushy Plushy Nadyasonika 6 sided productions ngo photography lyon hart photography
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