Monday, June 20, 2016

Kouen: I will forever remember

Yesterday I had lunch with my mother she told me a really weird story while she was traveling in China recently.

Let's just say my mother's name is Wu Xiaoya.

So, She told me she was doing some shopping near by her apartment [in China]. From a well known super market a few blocks away she bought some dishes and pans that are pretty good quality where she can haul them back to her America home. Since it's not too far from home she decided to get her exercise on by just walking the whole trip.

On the way home, some guy with an umbrella walked by her and asked her if she can spare a buck so he can get a bun [包子] to eat. My mom decided it's just ¥1 [1 RMB], and putted everything down on the ground to take out her wallet and see if she have change. Instead of one, she give him two buck. He was thankful and said "You are such a nice person, I must remember you." My mom was really tired and didn't really say much and just smiled and nodded. And, then when he was leaving he said "I will forever remember you, Wu Xiaoya."

My mom stood at the same spot for a very long time feeling very unease and confused. At this point of the story I jumped up and said "Why didn't you asking how he knew your name? And, full name at that, even the last name!" My mom said she was too shocked she forgot to ask. I face palmed hard. If it was me I would demand an answer or I will run after him until he tell me. 
Kouen Ren from Magi by Hushy Plushy, photo by Mori Bunny
My mom's theory is maybe some one knew her, was telling ppl about her. Since living in a America is a big deal to some Chinese people some one might have try to spread the words. My mom is kind of down low so she really don't like ppl knowing that she's from America [to avoid trouble or scammers, I guess].

From the whole story, at 1st I was sure she know him and insist on she should think hard because she is forgetful in the past few years. But, then if they know each other why would the guy ask for money and left with out catching up? Doing the catch up will make you seem like her friend and maybe she might give you a few more buck? o3o 
Hushy Plushy
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