Friday, June 3, 2016

Aoba: Dust off your shoulder & Keep Cosplaying

I'm sure this happened to you before as a cosplayer, where some one questioning you about your cosplay.

"I thought his wig was black not dark brown?"
"Doesn't she have the bracelet on her left arm instant of the right?"
"Oh I think his jacket isn't that long, maybe a bit shorter?"
"What happened to your contacts? It's not the right color"

When people question something about your cosplay there are a few reasons
  1. They don't understand why you didn't do it like what they pictures, so they want to find out why it's different from the character.
  2. Making conversation. Some people are very fast to speak, doesn't really think twice. So to them it's just a question even thought they really don't care how you cosplay your characters.
  3. They are trying to be helpful! Either pointing out some details they think you missed or got it wrong, or trying to give you a better choice. 
  4. Straight up don't approve! Can't handle the way you cosplay, forcing their rules of how to cosplay on to you.
Out of all four, only the last one is negative the other three sounds like people just want to communicate and talk about cosplay. So tell them why you did it the way you did and keep your mind positive. The more you think ppl are judging you the more everything seem that way. This is a perfect time to be insensitive about what ppl say and give no shitz about what they think. You do you!

It is OK to be a perfectionist and want to nitpick everything about a cosplay. But, it's not OK when you apply those rules on to anyone else but yourself. So concentrate on your own cosplay make it amazing and wear it proudly for everyone else there are no rules.
Aoba Seragaki from Dmmd, Dramatical Murder by Hushy Plushy
 Ik, Ik, Aoba's inner shirt is long sleeve but since I'm doing this in the mid summer I have to change it to tank top or i be drenched in sweat and that is nasty! o3o

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