Thursday, June 2, 2016

Naraku: 180 turn

A dream I just had a day ago:
Not sure which convention it was, but it was an Anime conventions that I showed up in cosplay alone, by myself, with no friends nor anyone i know of. So, I decided to make some new friends at the con and have a good time.

All was going so well, played some video games with some new friends, meet new ppl for panels and events and sit around talking and eating expensive Con food because you are having too much fun that you don't want to leave. 
Naraku from Anime: InuYasha by Hushy Plushy
At the end of the day, I suddenly realized my back pack is gone, along with my armor pieces that i took off because it was too big and tiring. I wondered around the hallway trying to find it. [by this time the con is pretty empty] I then had to run to the Lost and Found section to ask if they seen it.

They didn't see the backpack but they found the armor for me. It was torn and beat up </3 I looked at it and I just want to die! I was so frustrated, hours of work, the effort, the sweat, the money. It felt like when you are working on a essay, didn't save and your PC went blue screen.

Then I woke up really disappointed ._.
180 degree turn dreams...
 Hushy Plushy
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