Friday, May 6, 2016

Kuroko: FaceU

So, a few days ago I asked a friend of my what is that App that gives you different type of animations on your face in a video. It turned out to be there are a few different Apps that does this type of effect when you take a selfie video.
The most popular one known to be SnapChat. I downloaded the App and found out it isn't what I want and after about 50 sec of use I deleted the App. In the end, the App with so many different, creative animations for your face is a Chinese App called FaceU, which can only be downloaded if you have a Chinese App Store ID. Thanks to my friend, letting me logging on her Chinese acc. I got the App and took it for a test. o3o!
Since it was in the middle of the night nobody looked presentable, I ended up using a picture of my self. And, it worked well LOL! I think I will be using this App very often from now on >3<
Kuroko Cosplay by Hushy Plushy
And, here is the original picture from my Instagram today. I'm not too sure if Instagram downsize photos. But, when its connected to Facebook the version on FB was sure very blurry.
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