Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Invaded by the flu

This time sickness hit me so hard. The night before yesterday, while doing some photo retouching,  my throat started to hurt. I'm normally very good at guessing what is going on with my body, maybe because, as a kid I get sick at least twice a year with a cold/flu and normally it turns in to a fever. So, as soon as a sore throat coming up I start taking meds x3x! This time I did the same thing. But, good thing is this time it came really fast. Sore throat follow by head aches with in 15mins of each other. Sounds like a flu to me. But, not too sure either way I need rest so i had a 13 hour of sleep. Good bye Tuesday I didn't even see the day of light and woke up to Wednesday. 

Feeling horrible, now i have sore throat, head ache, stomach pain, stuff and running nose. I'm not sure where the stomach pain came from, could be the med, that i am taking. But, over all it's just all kind of uncomfortable. More hot tea, rest and less food in take. And, then I found this in my mail!
Last night Touya messaged me and told me to check my mail if i haven't he said he have a late birthday gift for me. Late, yes one more month i think we can call it half year late o3o [my birthday is in Jan]! I normally check my mail once a week, on Sundays when I came back from visiting my mother's house. Since he's sure it's here, I told my friend to check it for me.

I did mention no food in my PO BOX and here are my reasons why.
  • Melts: the last time I had someone sending me chocolate it was pretty much all melted.
  • Don't feed the pig: I have no self control when it comes to sweets so help me control myself by not having any at all.
  • Mother's advice: my mom always tell me be careful about what you are getting in the mail it's dangerous [too much Chinese newspaper reading about bombs and shitz in the mail].
But this time, I'm so glade that i checked. Now it won't be melted and it did put a smile on my face. Since I'm sick and there really isn't much that i can do other than rest, rest and rest more. I don't mind watching Anime and snacking on candy all day. So, Thank you Touya.

For letters that you guys sent me, again I'm not too much of a hand writing person if you would kindly include your email in your letters i can email you a thank you or else you might not get a reply from me, but just know that i always read everything. They always put a smile on my face 0v0 and Thank you! I sometimes question if anyone understand my hand writing LOL.

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