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Comic King Original Interview

So, I did share this on FaceBook about a interview I have done with Comic King. Comic King is a Malaysia based E-magazine company featuring Otaku, Anime, Manga, and Artist related articles. If you are interested you can check out their APP [Only in Chinese, for: IOS & Android]. 

I have done interviews with different ppl before but this one I found the interview questions very detailed, thought through, and the article layout is very neat. Since the interview was done in English they also took the time to translate it  to Chinese which I was excited to read [yes i can read and speak Chinese but not good enough to sound sophisticated].

Ok, thank god this was done in English 1st so a translation for my little sheep [小羊羔们 Sounds so much better in Chinese (๑>ᴗ<๑)] won't be too long, since I'm sick. Let's get started!
Right click the image and Select "View Image" to see the full size
Cos name | Hushy Plushy
Age | Secrete, 22 at heart ;P
Birthday | Jan, 16th
Place of birth |  China Beijing
Living in | USA
Blood type | AB
Education | College Graduate, Communication
Occupation | Part time coser, model? [i originally put promoter >3<], photographer
Hobbies |  Gaming, Photography
Favourite Coser | Don't recall names (very bad at remembering things), but mostly i like them all.
Seniority Creation | Started on: 2014 march. Two years by now.
Blog Site |
This is just a introduction I'm not too sure how to translate this part since my Chinese is not so great. It's basically saying this time we interviewed the coser and photographer, Hushy Plushy, let's go straight in to what he have to say.
How did you start your first Cosplay?
I am a late bloomer, during college years I finally got in to Anime. Two years ago I finally decided that I love anime so much I want to bring 2D in to 3D of my own version.

Why Cosplay always attracted you? What are your greatest pleasure in Cosplay?
Because of my love for Anime is so deep It became an addiction! And, the greatest pleasure in Cosplay would be when I finish all the crafting, styling and makeup, puts everything on and finished. That moment I feel complete and satisfied.

What are the selection criteria of the chosen role?
Wide range of reasons; some are because they are truly beautiful; some are my favorite characters and others because I think it fits my personality or looks.

What type of role you most prefer? Why?
I prefer bishie or ikemen with fancy, detailed costumes such as, Sesshomaru, Squall Leonhart and Kouen Ren.

When you Cos your favorite Character, Which part  is the most attention part for you?
Oh god, I think that’s for everyone else to judge. But, most of the time I get compliment on my make up. So most attention goes to my face I assume.

What is the most important thing for presented an awesome Cosplay?
Most important thing when you presenting a great cosplay is completion in my opinion, such as having your make up, props and costume all together and you didn’t forget something.
How do you complete or making your clothing,Armor, hair style, props or make-up?
This is a hard question that needs a lot of details to answer. But, I generally try to use materials that are easily accessible and not too high end. I like the challenge of making awesome stuff from low end materials.

Besides Cosplay, You also a cosplay photographer, Why do you learn Photography?
Photography is also a big hobby of my. At the beginning I didn’t really care about photography that much but the more I stand in front of the camera the more I feel like I can also try to stand behind the camera to show people what is really in my head. Also, sometimes I want to shoot my own photos but there aren't two of me TvT lol. So at least I can shoot other coser behind the camera o3o.

Can you share some Cosplay shooting tips to our readers?
Oh geez, since I have only been cosplaying for two years. There are so many better coser out there could give out great tips. I guess I will say when shooting; be bold, be out there, be open minded, be energetic, be professional and don’t forget to enjoy every moment of it.

Little Q&A:
Favourite Animation? Kuroko no Basuke
Favourite Drink? Thai Tea Tapioca
Favourite vegetable? Green onion, Mushrooms
Favourite superhero? Genos, Barnaby Brooks
Favourite toy? I like whatever toy Aoba likes. [JK XD]

And, that is the end of the interview. If you like to know more about me,  you can inbox me at my Fan Page, or Email me. I will be happy to answer your questions. 

Special Thanks: Ngo Photography, Btse Photos, 6 Sided Productions, Mori Bunny, MEchan Photography. 
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