Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tomoe: Finding a Character

A lot of times finding your 1st character to cosplay is really hard. We always have too many characters to pick from or don't even know which character to pick. Either way being indecisive / no time / not motivated enough, are probably some of the reason you haven't started yet.

To pick out a character to cosplay you have to have feelings / some type of interest for that character. You really don't have to LOVE the character to cosplay one, but you have to WANT to cosplay it. If you don't have the interest you might end up quitting in the middle of your costume making or just cosplay it once and really not interested of putting it on again. So, with that in mind I'll show you how  I pick out a character out of ten for myself to cosplay.
Series: Kamisama Kiss  Character: Tomoe  Cosplayer Hushy Plushy

Since there are so many character 1st thing i normally do is pull up a picture of each character. And, have them in front of me on my computer screen.
    Next, I list priorities. Detail/ Popularity / Personality/ Personal Interest/ Budget
    Write down these five catgores and number them 1 to 5 [1= most important, 5= least important] For me it's: 1 Budget > 2 Detail > 3 Popularity > 4 Personal Interest > 5 Personality
      Now the Elimination: Normally this way I can get it down to one - three characters and then I will hand pick.
        • Set a Budget [example: $300]: Since I picked budget as my most important one, I will need to think about how much I want to spend on each cosplay and the ones that I can't afford right now I will have to cross them out. [I normally just think about it in my head and come up with a rough number] So, anything you think passes 300 dollars don't look twice o3o!
        • Detail of the Costume: Straight up and forward! You guys already know I love to pick cosplay that have good details and colors. Like; Sessomaru, Kouen, Chikage, Taishi Nai and so. Therefore in my list of character at this point I will probably eliminate characters that have some what plain costumes [example: jerseys, school uniforms, shirt and shorts, etc.]
          • Popularity: This is probably the least important to some people. I personally like to cosplay things that are easier to recognize. Why is this so hard for me to explain? Example: If you are at a convention and see a character that you know of, you have feels, you get excited and that is the feel i want to give to ppl. 0v0 It feels good to know what character it is ;A;!
            • Personal Interest: By this time I think I probably only have about 3 to 4 characters left in my list, then I will go by who I like the best. "Well, duh Hushy, I started off with ten that I like so I like them all, and YES I like them all equally!!". In this case move on to the last choice.
              • Pick it out by Personality: In other words, picking it out by which character you like to RP. As for me I don't really RP. No matter who I'm cosplaying I am me. But when you pose for the camera you have to have a few poses and that I consider RP'ing for a brief three seconds. So I will probably think about who's temperament [using the word right? ] i can represent the best.
                  Normally I don't really need this many steps to find a character. But, budget, detail and personal interest are the once that I always consider when I'm picking out a character. I hope this helps some of you to pick out a character and get started it 0v0!
                  HUSHY PLUSHY
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