Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sebastian: Dramatic way of learning

I have heard a few drama this weekend in the cosplay community [on Facebook]. Which i don't really want to spread, so i won't be talking about the drama themselves. But, from what i have seen and read I have come to these conclusions.
  • Never delete ppl's numbers in your phone. It will help you later in life >3<
    Personally I have a bad habit of deleting numbers from my cellphone if I don't talk to them for a long time [years]. I just feel like I don't need someone that I will never talk to again taking up space. And you ask "But if they call you, you would know who it is and know not to answer the phone". BUT! for me I don't pick up unless I know the number. So if I delete their number for sure i will not pick up.
    Wait a min, my point is keeping their number in your phone is a good thing. It is a small world and if anything happened to you related to that number you would know who it is.
  • There is nothing wrong with asking and trying for something you want.
    If you don't ask you have 0% chance of getting want you want. If you ask you chance of getting what you want goes up. So ask even if there is close to no chance because you never know maybe luck is on your side!
  • Defend your self with out attacking the attacker is the pro way of doing it.
    When being attack by someone [I'm talking about verbally no fist fight!] Defend yourself is the right thing to do but if you can't give out any proof that you are innocent don't attack back [attack = talking smack, or talk low about the attacker] because now you just step down to your attackers lvl. Instead, just prove your point that you are innocent and leave it.
  • Deleting troll, bad, hater comments is normal!
    I see some ppl question "why are you deleting the negative comments?" Why not? If there is things you don't like seeing would you keep going back to look at it? No, you would try to never see it again. Deleting negative comments is like blocking negative energy from your eyes. I totally agree with deleting whatever you don't want to see and forever have a happier online experience. o3o Please don't delete me from your life!
  • There are some matters that need to be publicized [Am i using publicized right? Is my English ok? LOL]
    Some people say it should be discussed privately. I have to disagree. If someone done you wrong big time to the point where you feel like it's a crime can you really keep quiet about that? Speak up, let ppl know what happened. Showing your experience will let other ppl gain experience with out going through it. [ok not for those that just reads and forget x3x] Also, sometimes we really need support from ppl that are not directly related to the matter. Support will help us mentally.
  • Always say NO respectfully and professionally when it's related to business!
    Nothing much to say here it's just good for the business if you do. If you don't I'm sure you will see what will happen and pay the consequences.
Series: Black  Bulter, Kuroshitsuji  Character: Sebastian Michaelis  Cosplayer: Hushy Plushy
If you read though the whole thing and understood my English, thanks! Haha, I know sometimes I make no sense, if anything is confusing feel free to ask me, I will try to explain it.

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