Monday, May 30, 2016

Squall: Clutter Memories

Last weekend I did a lot of cleaning. Since I just finished recovering from a Flu, I feel productive but not enough to bust out all my cosplay stuff to work on. So, i clean my room, it was a slow process. I end up liking wig labeling part of the clean up more than anything else.
I have over thirty wigs. Which is what i imagined before I actually did a count. I use to keep my wigs in a box that is black, but now they are in my bottom drawer. Having all my wigs in a clear / white drawer really makes a difference. I feel like I can find things easier now just by 1st glance of the wig color.

I took the time to dig out some of my old stuff. My original plan was to use some of my old electrics just for old time sake. Remember back in the days, the old carefree school times. And no, it broke!
After throwing some of those old stuff away. I came a cross my photos with two of my exes. It really gave me mixed feeling. I remember good things and fun times that I spent with these ppl, but it also reminded me of how immature and silly i was. Did i mention i didn't have any makeup on so these could easily be the most ugly photos of my self. 

I thought about it for a good min or so if i want to keep old picture. Honestly, I have no feelings for any of my exes now [positive nor negative] and I don't really feel the need to destroy all their pictures. On top of that, sometimes the ppl in your memories can be a little blurry and it's good to see it on a picture. But, in the end those photos are just clutter, might take out once in ten years to look at [is what happened]. So goodbye old pictures. 
Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy Dissidia, Photo by Ngo photogrpahy, Cosplay by Hushy Plushy
We keep a lot of thing because there are special memories in them. But, some times i feel like it's better if i don't remember them, even if they were good memories. It makes you think what will happen if you did things differently, what will happen if they ended up with you. Nope! I to need concentrate on what I have now. That is the important thing o3o!
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