Monday, April 18, 2016

Yato: Judging before the storm

Hello, I was really busy last weekend and almost caught in the storm last night. But, luckily made it home right before the storm. Now places are flooded so i hope everyone is safe at home ;D
Series: Noragami Character: Yato[gami] Cosplayer: Hushy Plushy

I was judging at a cosplay contest this weekend I really enjoy seeing everyone's cosplay. Yes we have to judge if you can win a title or not but we also love to understand how much time and effort you put in to your cosplay and what did you do to it. We also love it when you tell us little details that we might miss and the most difficult part of your costume.
Remember, don't be shy, speak loud and clear, make sure you have eye contact once a while to all the judges and be your self. If you are nervous it is totally ok to stutter, sweat, nervous laugh and shake >3< that's not what we are judging on so don't be shy to tell us you are nervous and we can calm you down! ;D
Hushy Plushy
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