Saturday, April 9, 2016

Yato: Be a picky picker for picking wigs!

I think when you shop for wigs on eBay it is very very very important to know some facts about the whole system and what is normal and what is not.

So, I know of many friend of my don't ever order from eBay anymore [we all some what started with eBay wigs right? o3o] simply because it's really just trying your luck to get a cheap but decent product. 1/10 a 10 dollar wig on eBay is very good quality and the rest 9/10 pretty much you are getting a 5 dollar wig for your 10 dollars.
Picture above is two wigs that I've gotten on eBay, at different time periods. On the left is the inner front side of a really cheap purple wig [cost: $6 - $7] On the right is the inner front side of another cheap wig in blue [cost: $9 - $10]. The difference is huge! 
From just looking at the fiber they look about the same. Same amount of Shine but, I'm pretty sure if you  use really high heat [example: hair iron] to style the purple wig probably will melt and get destroyed. [That moment when you fail to put the order right in the picture "purple on left smarty!"]
Not to mention how much hair is on the wig! It's just too obvious! There are plenty of times I found myself working on a wig for hours just trying to make the wig look fuller or making sure the hair net won't show. 

This blue wig in the picture is my very 1st wig and I use it as my Kaito Cos. It's from eBay [don't forget it was only $9 to $10] but it is comparable to EpicCos wigs [Cost: $30] since I also wear their wigs so I know o3o.

So, now we are back to the point that to get good wigs, it is highly depends on how you shop at eBay. "What you see if what you get!" Does not apply to this topic >3<

Watch out for:
  • Too many shops on ebay uses the same pictures from one shop to another shop.
  • Too many shops uses a wig picture that is only similar to the real product, it's not the same product!
  • Some times they will even use famous Coser's photos to say that's the wig they are selling.
  • Some times your wig won't be in your mail box with in 45 to 60 days.
The most frustrating part is when you get the wig you won't be able to use it either because, wrong color, doesn't fit, or too thin then it's just waste of your money and time. 
This is the same purple wig when i just got it. I choose to buy a really cheap eBay wig because I planned this out and it will work 0v0! I know this wig will be for my Yato Cos and he is a small project for me so I have a budget, not to mention he's hair is basic it didn't need me to do anything crazy. A cheap decent length wig that can allow me to style my own length according to my face is good enough for me.
So guys, you really don't need good quality wigs for every single cosplay. Just know what you want, what you need, do your research, do your comparison and be a picky online shopper! ;3 hyahaha!

UPDATES: I am considering making my Instagram account in to selfies, with me and/or friends. But, I still think it's a good idea if I upload the selfie itself on my website just in case if any of you would like a more clear/better version of the photo. 

Also, I found a picture from a long time ago that I never added and didn't feel like making a whole new post for one little picture, so it's edited on to this post on the bottom: 
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