Friday, April 22, 2016

Tomoe: Food is hard when nothing to hold it

#‎TGIF‬! And, You guys are so nice and supportive. Thx for supported my urge to cosplay a Ciel. If it turns out decent I will be sure to try to bring out some good pictures. If I some how butcher it, you will never hear me talking about Ciel again x3x haha.
Series: Kamisama Kiss Character: Tomoe [alt ver.] Cosplay: Hushy Plushy

I normally go to a fast food place to eat near the hotel. There are times that I couldn't. So i always have some instant noodle packs with me but one time there wasn't even any cup in the hotel I end up breaking up the noodle and cooked it in side a coffee pot =3= and then I had no fork!!! I can't remember how i ate it LOL.
Hushy Plushy
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