Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The excitment of today's super fine B=D

I had too much going on today and I am really happy that me and my friend are both very positive about this whole day.

After taken my mother to the airport [she's going back to China for her twice a year vacation] from 4am to almost 8am. Got my friend out to go eat, but still too early nothing is open and we both want Japanese food. So, went to Walmart and some other stores that were open. While outside a parking lot my friend hit a poll backing up and cracked something in the back of his car T3T. I tried my best to blame everything on the poll! Not to mention tried to call off the breakfast hang out so he can have all the time he needs to look at his car, but to my surprise he was extremely nice and wasn't really pissed off. [I would be in a emo corner flipping endless tables!]

So I was extremely careful after that. Made sure I keep this sh*t light and don't want to upset ppl. After the breakfast went back home and was offered to clean my roommates whole bathroom for no rent this month.

Me: "Let me use your soap?"
Rm: "Yeah, take it I need to open a new soap."
Me: "OMG, this soap is so small and sad, let me have the new one."
Rm: "No."

Me: "Dude, holy sh*t when was the last time you cleaned your bathroom?"
Rm: "What? You wanna clean it for me?"
Me: "Fack no, do it yourself ....... Ok what's the deal?" =3=
Rm: "What do you want?"
Me: "I'll clean everything, how about free rent?"
Rm:  "Fine."

And, the complain starts;
Me: "I need more sponges.... Give me a bucket!....When was the last time you scrubbed your shower?"
 Rm: "hmm, a year ago"
Me: "Why is this so hard to scrub? You don't see my shower like this!"
Rm: "That's because you don't shower."
Me: "LOL! Shut up I do.... What the fack, why i can't scrub this? Dude do you sh*t in the shower?"
Rm: "LOL no."
Me: "Look at all this crap!!..... Ok do you pee in the shower?"
Rm: "What?"
Rm: ".... maybe"
Me: "Ugh, don't pee in shower! I wonder if i'm scrubbing pee" =3=
Rm: "Is it worth the rent?"
Me: "It's worth the rent" *scrubs harder*

After that, went out there in the hot weather to look at friends car. And, helped him to glue a small piece back on to his car. We both are worried if we ever wash the car it might pop out again, but for now this will have to do.  When almost time for bed, I realized I haven't do my daily work out but I'm already tired AF.

Before I go, I feel weird with out uploading a picture. So here is what I found amusing today. Enjoy the Super Fine Cock for your teeth. [I had to get this !!!]
Hushy Plushy

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