Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Squall: Cause He Need to Hear Better

That moment when you always seem to have a hard time hearing your friends talk at a convention! orz
Series: Final Fantasy VIII / Dissidia Character: Squall Leonhart Cosplay by: Hushy Plushy
Oh snap i suddenly remember there was this Miku at AM walked by and said something to me but i couldn't hear her and I just walked and stared at her. Honestly i wasn't even sure she was talking to me, after that my friend said "That poor girl. You were giving her the death stare" </3 Ouch I really didn't mean to! That moment when you intimidation levels up. I still feel really bad >3<.

PS - Thx for the Chocolate but, please don't send food T3T it so melted, and it's not even that hot!

Hushy Plushy
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