Friday, April 1, 2016

Skin Care: KOSE, Seikisho T3T

I live with some roommates that really care about their skin. Most of them uses female skin care some even uses BB cream. I told him it's make up but he keep telling me "No, it's moisturizer." OK, if that's what you call it o3o! 

A few month ago I was bleaching my own bathroom and decided to go use the other bathroom and looked around! I found Seikisho brand skin care on their counter collecting dust [seriously it was really dusty like they haven't touched it for over few months]. I asked if i could try it out and they pretty much said "Take it, I don't like it and I won't be using it anymore".
Long story short I used it about three times and decided that my roommate's decision is correct. Here is the reason why; Just one reason! It feels nasty! The products in the photo [left is a Mask and the right is face wash], both require you not to have any water on your face [do not wet your face before you apply]. Which makes the whole process very nasty and thick. I mean, I could wash my face 1st then dry my face and apply, but that just feel like I'm cleaning my face twice. 

I hardly go shopping for skin care stuff. I either use the typical stuff that I normally use at home or using someone elses' LOL! But, a few days a go a friend of my dragged me in to a Chinese shop to look around and I found two items that I am willing to have a try.
I looked at this brush and really have to admit that the bristles are really dense. In fact it was so dense my friend mistaken it to be a sponge >3< I have been using this to wash my face ever since!
Follow by this baby here! I bought it for two reasons; 1, it is a big sponge, as lazy I am I wish to just wipe one time and covers my whole face! 2, It's black! That means i should be able to see dead skin on the sponge to feel like it really works. I was right! I could see dead skin on the sponge when i clean my face and it makes me want to clean my face more often.

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