Friday, April 29, 2016

Kaito: Give ppl's advice a chance

Yesterday I was having a convo with a photographer about how he have so much photos to work on. And, I felt bad that I haven't work on any of my photos for a whole day. So, I took out a photo and quickly edited so I feel like I did my work today. Also, showed it to him just because, then he said "fix the wig. Go!". 
Kaito from Vocaloid, Cosplay by Hushy Plushy
I finally realized that I never bother to fix wigs in my photos. I don't know what it is, but I always thought since everyone know it's a wig, then it is ok to not to fix the little hairs that are being fuzzy and sticks out. [unless it's a really big awkward piece.]

But, I took his advice and give it a try and it does make the picture look cleaner. Bad thing is now i have one extra thing to fix in photoshop for every picture. TvT
Hushy Plushy
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