Monday, April 11, 2016

Kaito: Don't touch your cake!

Let's say me and my friends are hanging out at my house, I put a cake in the fridge earlier to give it to my friend when he comes over. Now that he's here, he looked in the the fridge and took out the cake and started eating.
Series: Vocaloid Character: Kaito [Halloween Ver.] Cosplay: Hushy Plushy
A few things are will go through my mind:
He didn't ask me if he can have a piece
He's my friend, we been friends forever
The cake is for him to begin with
But, he doesn't know it's his, because I didn't tell him
Then he think it's my cake
Without asking he's eating my cake
That means he think what is my he's free to take
Is he taking me for granted?
No body takes my cake for granted
"Dude, you don't take my cake without asking me... even if its yours!"
We can't survive to the "I saved you a cake" part without already wanting to start something DX!
Hushy Plushy
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