Sunday, April 24, 2016

I want to collect weird things

I ordered a few items from [Chinese online market that is sort of like Amazon] like; a few wig holders, two wigs, a T-Shirt, a pair of slippers and etc. While I was surfing taobao, I came by those very interest items where I just had to add them to my favorites. Every time I look at them they make me laugh and some of them I might even want to purchase just to collect silly things.  

1. Pads that are actually cotton candy. I think I was looking for condom shaped hand wipes when I came by those. The seller did mention it very clear "those are not pads, they are pad looking candy". but on the pictures, the packages does say female pads. I just hope no one get them confused one day.
 2. And of course if i looked for condom hand wipes I must've looked for condom candy.  Here it is we have all kinds of candy that are the shape of condoms. I was going to order a box or two just to try it out different flavors but, since I don't know how safe buying food from China. I left them alone.
 3. I don't even know how I came by this item. I have never seen high heels looking like this one before. When I 1st found it by accident I thought it was a piece of art work =3=
I'm not too sure these look any good. I guess as long as whoever buys them likes them, then it is all that matters.
4. Yes! Panties! No, they are face masks that look like panties. And, once again I have no idea how i came by this actual item. I might buy one in the future just to have it. But, is it perverted to wear a underwear looking mask? I have to try it to know >3<!
5. And, the last one. Which is an item that I actually want to have. A sponge that look like a piece of bread! Since I found this after my order. I will have to favorite it and maybe put it in to my cart next time.
On the cosplay side: when the storm is coming but everyone is at the Japan Festival looking fabulous XD Kevin did a great job getting a shot of everyone.
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