Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nai: Merging Albums on Facebook

Good evening guys!
I use to have each character with two albums. One for photography one for behind the scene. Now I merged my albums so that each character only have one album, that way you don't have to look in to another album for the same character.

After I merged everything I realized I don't know the order that I use to upload new photos. Since each time an album is updated, it will show up on the very top. I will just put up any character that have less photos ;D

The organizing, Nai
Hushy Plushy
Albums: https://fb.com/hushyplushy/photos_stream?tab=photos_albums
anime manga: Original
character: Taishi Nai
photo by: 6 Sided Productions
cosplay: Hushy Plushy - Cosplayer
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