Monday, March 14, 2016

My makeup that you can dust off your shoulder

I have been asked so many times about what sorts of make up do I use for my cosplay. Or, if I can suggest any make up that I know that are good for cosplay. I can honestly answer all my make up, which isn't much, are all from your local Walmart!

In cosplay, typically for the a male cosplayer or to cosplay male character they don't have too much variety of colors going on. So, the make up for those characters are minimum. You basically want to look very clean and sharp that is pretty much it [excluding Sesshomaru and such].
So the basic color that I always use are: Black, White, Brown and Ivory [foundation]. It's actually hard to pick out any other color if you asked me for more choices. I think I would have to bust out red for Aoba's eyes and Taishi Nai's outer corners. Even when a character have crazy hair color, I still would rock black eyebrows sometimes.

In the picture are the things that I normally go to for a normal cosplay make up look.
  • Contour: I like to contour with any type of matte brown. 
  • Eye liner pencils: Black for thicker lining around the eyes, brown for contouring or eyebrows and white for lining the water line ;D
  • Primers: Ok I have a eye primer that isn't from Walmart [Shadow Worx] but it's oily so I'm just trying to finish using it and get myself Elf eye primer next time. I also do not like Hard Candy primer so i will randomly pick up something else after i finish this bottle.
  • Foundation and Concealer: Again I run in to a store and pick up random shit. So with out doing any research I got the Hard Candy concealer, luckily it is a really good concealer. Foundation I have nothing to say. It's just something to even out my face.
  • Eye liners: I use black on top of my eyes and dark brown under my eyes. But, they don't show up well on camera. Just all black. 
  • Finishing powder: I get oily and sweaty fast, so I powder my face every few hours to keep myself matte [NOT, I'm really lazy orz! Sometimes I just stay shiny!]. 
Ok, I didn't really go in to too much details on this because I feel like all the girls [and those talented guys] out there probably use way better stuff than me and know way more professional products than I do. So I feel bad listing something so noob but it's be asked for.

P.S -  You guys always say that my make up is great. Thank you so much, but the truth is, the only make up I know how to do is on my own face. If you give me a different face I will be so clueless!

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