Monday, March 7, 2016

Kaito: Overexposure

Just the other day. I taught my friend how to use a camera. But, it's not easy. Mainly because there are a lot of stuff to remember such as Shutter Speed, Exposure, ISO and Aperture. Just remembering the information doesn't really help much either, it's best to put yourself behind the camera right way while you still remember what is what.

Here is some of my opinion on how to get use to a camera for the 1st time.
  1. Do Not Use Auto Mode: You might think well the picture comes out more clear and the color is right when I use auto mode, and on any other mode I get confused what I need to do. Yes, that auto mode does everything for you, but if you don't figure all the stuff out by yourself and learn from under exposure and overexposure mistakes you aren't really learning. 
  2. Take Pictures of Everything: Don't just use a camera for a event and then leave it to collect dust for a few weeks/month after. Any chance you will get you should pick it up and shoot. The more you play the easier to remember and understanding your camera.
  3. Play With Lens [can't apply if you only have a prime]: If you only have a kit lens then don't forget you have a zoom in and zoom out option. A lot of times my friend never use the lens to zoom in or out, they just forgets it's there.
  4. Try Everything: If there is a mode you don't know what it's for, or a feature you don't know about. Try it out [or you can read the manual, but normally i forget right away]. The more things you figure out the more you know about your own camera. If anything goes wrong or you don't know how to set something back just go to main menu and reset your camera to start fresh again.
Anime, Game: Vocaloid  Character: Kaito [Senbonzakura]  Cosplayer: Hushy Plushy

There is many things to learn on a new camera. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and keep trying. My friend did a great job figuring out some of the setting by them self. And, here is a Kaito photo that they took but overexposure [meaning the whole picture was washed out white.] which when you try to balance the color later on in photoshop some parts will turn grey [because the detail is lost].
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