Saturday, March 19, 2016

It's the bonding time that I rarely have

Thanks to my friend inviting me for lunch with a group of cool ppl. I also got to try new places in our local downtown area. The Ramen there was good, just not the one I ordered. I ordered the Spicy Chicken Ramen which tasted just spicy and salty I really couldn't taste anything else.
I did leech off some of my other friends food and their food was delicious especially the Cha Cha Cha Ramen bowl [in the picture]. I shall remember to get that next time.
Friend "Mind your manors Hushy!"
Me "What? I'm just eating, your camera is just too close to my face!"
Friend "Stop eating my food! That's enough!"
Me "Oh ok you can have the rest."
Friend "LOL! Oh, I see, so I can have the rest of my food now!"
That moment when you have no tag options like facebook! [Clockwise: Hushy Plushy, Chris, Nik, Masahiro, Kamibell, Jacky]
We were having so much fun doing nothing we end up coming up with great selfie ideas. It's not easy the lighting was really bad and we had to have one cellphone taking the photo and three other cellphone to have the flash light on, so our faces are lit. Hahaha, we took this photo so many times o3o!

Good bonding
Hushy Plushy Cosplayer
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