Thursday, March 24, 2016

All about watermarks

I want to talk about watermarks on photographs today. Why you should have watermark on your photos. [This is only my opinion: There are no rules.]

You should put a watermark on your photo because of those reasons:
  1. Claim your work: There are plenty of ppl out there do not know it is not ok to steal other ppl's photos. Having a watermark will make it a bit harder for ppl to steal it, since you will have to try to either cover the watermark or crop it off.
  2. Informative: when someone is interested in your photo it is a great way to let them know where they can find more of your photos. Giving credit as a text link or in the description sometimes doesn't work as well. If ppl save the photo for later views on their pc they won't remember the description on the photo. But, if you have watermark on the photo itself it is way easier to search you up.
  3. Artistic: watermark can be a form of art [totally my own opinion >3<]. This is hard to explain but let me try anyway. Have you seen a Chinese watercolor with text or piece of watermark on the side? It is complete only if it was there [based on my grandfather's thousands of artwork pieces]. If it wasn't there I felt like the artwork is missing something, feels less artistic or was only a practice piece.
I'm pretty sure we all seen all sorts of watermarks, such as; watermarks that are really hard to read, watermarks that are the center of attention or even big watermarks right on top of the cosplayer. And, I'm very sure you know what they mean but let me make a list 'cause i should be called the listist since I love listing shit!
  • Hard to read: Honestly I think it's just a mistake. No one wants ppl not be able to read their watermarks. I have that problem sometimes too where the watermark is too small when resized. But, I hardly ever use fonts that people can't see well.
  •  Center of attention: For this type of watermarks you can be sure that the rightful owner needs your attention o3o! They desperately want you to notice and would love for you to care about their other great work. [Personally do not mind, but sometimes it look a bit trying too hard.]
  • Covering the important: This type of watermark is either saying "STOP STEALING MY WORK!" or "you want to use this photo? you can, with a small fee."
With this example I hope you get what I mean ;D and yes please check out my half age figures in the photo of my [I love half age figures] Again, there are no rules for how to watermark your photos. Not to mention if you don't want to you don't even have to watermark. I just hope that watermarks won't ruin the enjoyment of a great photo.
LOLOLOLOL, enjoy my watermarks 0v0! [JK] Have a great day everyone!! <3
trolly boy,
Hushy Plushy

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