Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tips: Things to think about before buying a wig

I'm not a expert at dying, style nor buying wigs. But, I do love to look for good wigs or at least try. I am here to make a list of what I normally do before I click that buy button. [This is just how i would do it. It's not a instruction, only opinions and tips.]

I have over 30 wigs, it's not a big collection and most of them are very cheap wigs. I try to get them as cheap as they can while try to make sure it's the right color and wearable. The length can be shortened, and the style can be cut to match. For what kind of fiber, I really don't care, as long as it can take some heat such as blow dryer on hot.

  1. Study the character you are going to cosplay closely.  Remember all the details or have it on the side while you search for wig shops as reference.
  2. Length of the hair. Don't forget wigs can only be longer than the length you want, that way you can shorten it as you like. 
  3. Color of the hair. This one I don't think it's that important to match exactly like the character. For example, If a character some times look like he have light blonde hair, but sometimes it look like ash blonde at this point I would just get what compliments my skin color.
  4. Style of the hair of your character be very hard or really complicated to do, make sure you look for a wig that have enough fiber to work with. A lot of times cheap wigs have just enough fiber to cover the head you can't really style them but to wear it down.
  5. Sizes, This is very important if you have a lot of hair to hide or head size is normally bigger than the wig cap you will have to check out wig cap in Large, or to be sure, be ready to ask for the perimeter of the wig.
  6. Wig cap check is optional, but a good idea if you are spending a bit more than cheap. Ask the seller to take a picture of the wig inside out where the wig net /cap is showing. This way you can see how full the wig really is and the sewing quality of the wig.
  7. Before you buy, don't forget to check for how much is shipping and handling, store return policy and how long it will take to get to you.
Out of my 30+ wigs. The most comment problem that I have is wig cap too small. The exact color is not important to me, I also shorten and style on my own so these two i have control over. In the end the less you need the easier to buy. [for example; If i was to do a short pink spiky hair. I would just look for a medium length full wig. Because I will cut and style it myself.]

Totally random: Did you know back in ancient China time, a typical man that are righteous normally wears white? This totally explains why Taishi Nai is a demon.[at least all the movies are such ;D]
Cut scene from the movie "Surprise" -万万没想到
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