Friday, February 19, 2016

Squall: When cosplay are so comfortable, it's rare pokemon!

A few month back when I was talking to a friend about how I would never wear a cosplay out to run errands or such. I almost did one day with my Kise sports uniform. It fits really nicely, easy to wear and looks like everyday clothing. I did a cosplay test and afterwards it was so comfortable i end up wearing it the whole day.
game anime final fantasy dissidia [final fantasy viii]
character squall leonhart
photo by B.Tse Photography
edit by Hushy Plushy - Photography
cosplay by Hushy Plushy - Cosplayer

#Giveaway ended today. Thank you so much for those that entered and having to leave your vote. Winners will be announced next week on the post []. Don't forget to message me with in a week if you won, to pick your surprise prize ;D
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