Friday, January 15, 2016

Weather gives me zombie hands

Got out of bed three hours before the shoot time, so I have enough time to be a snail and slowly perfection my make up, or you can say giving myself time to fix my boo boo if I fack up. And, I didn't fack up ;D but some how i used up that three hours anyway.
Got in to my cosplay and in to the car ready for that almost two hour drive to the beach. It was around 59 degrees outside but the wind was so fast and strong it was said to be "feel like 50 degrees". They weren't lying, once i was done with this shoot my hands were red and sharp pain goes through it if i stretch my finger, other than that i can't even feel my hands.

It was so pretty on the way there clouds everywhere! But once we got there, only two clouds in the sky #FML "When the weather is always against you" ..... So do i edit the two clouds out of my picture or should i leave the two awkward clouds in the picture? .....And, I left them there.
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