Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kouen: It's too cold for Events? NVR!

For all the cosplay you do with a cape! Please express your cape 0v0 make it fly! o3o
anime manga - Magi
character - Kouen Ren
cosplay by - Hushy Plushy

I get use to things very easily. If i stay home for a week, i won't want to go to work. If i stop going to conventions for a while, I don't want to attend one again.

So, this happened to me because it's the winter time cons and events are less. If a con comes up I often feel very anti social and debating myself to go or not to go.

All my decisions goes by what i planned. If i don't plan anything I don't do it. There is no "Last min, i think i will drop by to see what's going on".

Once I'm at a con I then realize how much I miss seeing my cosplay friends. T3T They are super friendly and unlike me they have a lot to talk about. Standing there listening to them talking makes me feel like I am bonding with ppl ;D

Have a great Sunday!
Hushy Plushy - Cosplayer
Outside shoots all day = drink hot tea, take cold supplements and rest early!
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