Friday, January 22, 2016

Aoba: Live actions are.....

XX: "I watched Black Butler, you look nothing like Sebastian."
Me: "....... That's because I'm short and not as skinny."
XX: "The action was pretty good."
Me: "There is action? o3o?"
XX: "Yes, when he was protecting the girl."
Me: "The girl? What girl? There is hardly any girl in the anime."
XX: "Oh it's an Anime?"
Me: "What? Ok, wtf did you actually watch?"
XX: "The movie."
Me: "Wait, it's not the live action is it?... They changed Ciel in to a girl?" *face palm*
anime game DMMD, Dramtical Murder
character Aoba Seragaki
cosplay by Hushy Plushy
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