Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Anime Convention Do's but no Dont's

Oh yes, you have heard this too many times. There are plenty of Do's and Don'ts of Conventions on the internet, but I'm just going over the Do's. So here is my opinion / version.

Anime Convention Do's:
  • Do plan the convention ahead of time. I'm not sure about anyone else but when I plan something out I am more likely to want to get these things done. Plan out what you are going to cosplay, what panels you want to go to, which meet up event you want to show up to and where you and your friends should go eat after [etc]. 
  • Do take pictures of everything that catch your interest. It really doesn't matter what it is. Take a picture of it. I remember ppl mentioning do not take pictures when the cosplayer is busy [that's just a preference from the cosplayer side]. It's your camera, your memory, if you feel like you want to take a picture of some one eating or coming out of the bathroom, JUST DO IT. Unless there is a sign saying "no pictures". [If someone took a really ugly picture of you, just dust off your shoulders and move on because you probably never going to see that photo anyways ;D]
  • Do the social! Yes, I know i am really bad at this because I tend to only talk to ppl that i know of and sort of don't want to bother ppl that i don't know. So that makes me only stick around a small group of ppl which really isn't opening myself up to make new friends. But sometimes, when new ppl comes up to the group I'm hanging around with I would love to introduce myself and get a conversation going.
  • Do look around and look at everything. You bought a ticket didn't you? Use it well ;D Attend different panels, learn something new, get to know the guests and have fun with all the Otaku. Walk around the dealers room and find good deals or new things that you don't normally see from online shop [but normally you can find them cheaper online o3o].
  • Do bring your emergency kit and backup items. A set of comfortable clothes just in case after cosplay you need to go get a drink with friends or go outside. A jacket just in case it will get cold at night time. A pair of slippers after your feet can't handle the cosplay shoes any longer! 
  • Do keep yourself clean and fresh! This is important. The better you smell the longer ppl don't mind hanging around you. If someone smell bad, no matter how interesting they are ppl want to end it faster so they don't have to smell it anymore. Also when someone smell bad I'm pretty sure 95% of the time no one will say anything about it. So put on that body spray and pop in a chewing gum if you want to be extra sure.
  • Do compliment and ask questions. Compliments are a good way to start a conversation, make them feel you appropriate what they do, then ask questions to let them know you are interested in their cosplay. You could just talk about what you guys have in common, but by asking questions maybe you can find out something you didn't know about making a cosplay ;D
  • Do keep negative opinions to yourself. I'm basically saying, be kind to everyone and don't give out any critics on anything. Because some ppl can handle it but others can not. So, just to be safe "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything".

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