Sunday, December 20, 2015

The progress of Noiz Belt

Alright so finally I got Noiz's belt done. The last thing I need to do is his boots but I haven't been able to find a pair of boots that i can modify comfortably yet, so I will leave that alone for now.

As for this belt, you can find an actual professionally made REAL belt for about 20 bucks, which will save you time and effort of making something that might worn out way faster. Be careful what you buy though, I have seen Noiz belt "STICKER" that you just stick it on to a normal belt which also cost 20 bucks. Trickery!

Why buy a belt for 20 bucks when you can make one for less than three dollars? Well, in my case I only spent one dollar XD
  1.  a black belt (1.00) bought
  2. lime green paint (0.50) already have
  3. a black sharpie (1.00) already have
Yes i bought a belt for a buck at a dollar store near my area. I actually could've used one of my belts but I love all my belts enough to not want to get any paint on them. And, I already have the paints so I end up just spending a dollar on this project.
This project is very easy and straight forward. The only thing you need is patience and time, which you should have if you already went through the cube boxes making x3x HOLY SHIT the time i spend on those!!

All you have to do is make a square mold (i don't know what they are called). And, you know what to do next! But don't forget to cover both sides with clear tape that way when you paint over it it won't get wet. Now comes the worst part of this. Waiting for the paint to dry so you can paint another layer. I think i did about 3 to 4 layers of paint.

It is finished! Way easier than the cube boxes TvT. Just don't forget to cover the belt with a few layers of finishing coat. That way the paint won't get scratched or worn out too fast.
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