Friday, December 11, 2015

Nai: Thanks for a lot of little things that you do

Ever felt like there is no place to shoot at a convention? Yeah the garage it is!
Original‬ Cosplay Taishi Nai
‪‎Photo‬ by 6 Sided Productions
‪‎Edit‬ & Cosplay‬ by Hushy Plushy
I just want to say thank you for those that comments, likes and shares my photos. It really shows that you guys care to look at my photos, communicate with me and support my cosplay.

I also want to thank all the photographers and cosplayers that i worked with. Really appreciate the time and work you guys put in it with me. Also, if you want to work with me just inbox me / email me don't be shy I'm not that scary ;D
If interested please take a look at my instagram pictures ;D They are different from my facebook photos.
Keep an eye out for my store. I think I really want to do a Christmas sale o3o.
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